Environment Now’s mission is to be an active leader in creating measurably effective environmental programs to protect and restore California’s environment, particularly its waters and forests.

Our vision is to restore the balance and health of California’s ecosystems. We believe that this goal is achievable through an intelligent combination of: enforcing existing laws, applying advanced technology, and improving the various processes involved with eliminating unsustainable practices.


Environment Now is a private nonprofit foundation created in Southern California by Frank and Luanne Wells in December 1989. Frank Wells was an executive, mountain climber, and adventurer as well as a man of high integrity, unafraid to fight for justice. Seeing many environmental problems in California going unchecked, he established an action-oriented organization to do on-the-ground work and truly make a difference for California’s environment and communities. Since its inception, Environment Now has focused on critical issues near to the hearts of our founders and all Californians: preserving and restoring coastal, freshwater and forest ecosystems, and improving air quality and urban sustainability


We consider ourselves a “SWAT team” for the environment, bringing an entrepreneurial, nimble approach to supporting grassroots groups and campaigns advancing actionable, achievable goals. We do not accept unsolicited proposals, instead partnering closely with conservation and environmental justice advocates. Our active, forward-leaning approach creates more effective working relationships and ultimately more successful outcomes. We invest in capacity building in our partner organizations, set legal precedents, and demonstrate the viability of sustainable alternatives. We also create models for change – such as our expanding work to advance the rights of nature movement.

Environment Now seeks to: 

  • Address significant environmental needs
  • Create measurably effective, permanent results for the environment
  • Build active leadership with our partner organizations in the environmental community
  • Be bold in our actions
  • Keep a sharp focus on issues, solutions and our mission
  • Encourage innovative thinking and approaches to existing problems
  • Fight for the right outcomes and take calculated risks to get there
  • Keep a forward focus, and approach issues with replicable or scalable solutions in mind
  • Build on experience and knowledge
  • Develop capacity and opportunity for diverse voices to be heard and acknowledged on environmental and environmental justice issues