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Environment Now fights to safeguard the right to a healthy environment, focusing on California’s waters and forests. We invest in community leadership, bold action, innovative strategies, and models for broader change.

Celebrating the Life of Luanne Wells

Environment Now celebrates the life and work of Co-Founder and Board Member Luanne Wells, who passed away in July 2021. Among her many contributions, her efforts at Environment Now resulted in a “picket line” of Waterkeepers who have improved the state’s coastal and inland environment for decades, and the establishment of a strong advocacy voice for protecting California’s national forests from commercial logging. As Luanne expressed, the founding of Environment Now reflected a “passionate desire to help protect and preserve” the natural environment, and to secure lasting results for the future. We acknowledge with deep gratitude her heartfelt commitment to making a meaningful difference for California’s environment and communities.


Safeguarding the rights of humans and nature to clean, sufficient water for life needs.  


Working to fully protect California’s national forests from commercial logging. 


Recognizing the front-line advancements of Environment Now’s partners. 

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