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Environment Now Report


Environment Now Annual Report 2000

July 1, 2001 - -

2000 was a watershed year for Environment Now. We expanded our staff and achieved the critical mass necessary to actively engage in the five program areas discussed in the following pages. We believe that if we can achieve our goals in each of these areas, we will make a major contribution in assuring a healthy future for California’s ecosystems and urban environment.

In 2000 we started and staffed a new organization here at Environment Now dedicated to the protection and restoration of our coastal waters. This organization, the California CoastKeeper, has now matured to the point that we are ready to spin it off. In 2001 the CoastKeeper will become a stand-alone, nonprofit organization.

In 2000 we also strengthened our ties with Lawyers for Clean Water, a dedicated band of environmental attorneys. They provide invaluable support in just about all of our program areas since water is the common thread running through most of the state’s critical environmental issues.

In October we finally moved our offices into a “recycled” building in Santa Monica. The building is roomy, providing plenty of space for our new law library and for conferences of up to 40 participants. The new facility means all our staff members now have offices—yes, some had actually been working at home—and we have space left over for interns, volunteers, and other workers in need of a desk on a part time basis. We also have plenty of reserved parking. Everyone is very pleased with the building. And now that we have settled in we are back to fighting for the environment.

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